So I know someone who just bought an iPhone last week, but The iPhone is now available in 16gb for 499. I’m not sure that is a deal unless the 8gb went down, and it didn’t, either way you’re gonna run out of space if you’re trying to use it as an ipod for real, because the iphone is the best phone out there, if your tech head.

The iPod touch is now available in 32gb for 499 as well, if you’re about to get in the game it’s not bad if you’re a Balla, but the Zune may be a better look if you’re a pc person or into a smaller screen, oh damn I forgot the ipod classic has that covered, listen my stance is always gonna be Mac is a better product, but lately I feel like apple is walking around with wool in their back pocket, and they’re sizing up our eyes to see if the wool is gonna fit, Not Clean, question is what are we gonna do about it???


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