Danger Danger Microsoft is Coming!

Ok so, since Yahoo hasn’t gone though for Microsoft, and speaking of that, Yahoo kept it gangsta and was like “matter fact open the safe, and here’s six shots just in case”

And since “the soft” has a hole burning in their pocket they went ahead and bought Danger inc, they will now kind of own the sidekick. We don’t know what they are planning to do with it, they didn’t release the details of the acquisition yet, but it did go down. Now Danger owns the sidekick but Sharp mfg’s it, and Motorola partnered up with the Slide this past holiday, but I’ve heard about some recalls on those, I’m sure good ol’ MS will now control the OS which may make sidekick a serious business tool, instead of being known as a cool toy, like it is now But it will have a LONG way to come if they want to compete with Apples iPhone, or even RIM’s new 9000 coming……..


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