BMW going green

Bmw Hybrid

Bmw Hybrid

Sign of the times folks. BMW is introducing their own Luxury, Mild-Hybrid Sedan. Similar to Mercedes’ model, BMW is charging the setup with Lithium-Ion batteries, just like the ones in your cell phone.  Now remember, while this IS a hybrid car, its still a BMW, so don’t think all you can do is drive Miss Daisy in this monster. In fact this concept 7 features a twin turbo (which BMW is getting very cozy with), 400+ Horsepower V8……

So…What the hell is Mild-Hybrid? What’s this idle-stop system their boasting about? Here’s the deal: the little battery packed motor only adds 20 ponies. So it only kicks in when the V8 needs a little support. When you’re at a stop light, the engine shuts off. When the light turns green, you hit the gas and  the battery puts you back in motion. So at every light, its like the car shuts off…I’ll need a test drive to see what thats like. None the less, its a beautiful touch to the 7 series. The Underhood looks like like a Maybach. Its supposed to be 15% more efficient on gas….so on a car that gets like 17mpg, that would be like 2mpg. What do you think?

[ CNET | BMW ]


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