Well it went down today. Sorry there was no Mac Mini. Here are the major announcements:

  • iTunes will now be (for the most part) DRM FREE !!! That means its now okay for you to buy a song and do whatever the hell with it, including put it on devices other than an iPod.
  • You can now download music to your iPhone 3G, without being connected to WiFi
  • The 17″ Unibody Macbook pro was also announced and will be shipping soon. Although they mentioned that the battery life has drastically improved (8hrs), it’s non-removable. How do you guys feel about that??
  • For those of you iLife and iWork users, the 09 version is shipping with tons of new features. We will have to dig into these in a later post. The new Geo-Tagging / Integration with Facebook is very slick.
  • The new version of Garage band has something I think is very exciting for the music industry. You can now learn how to play musical instruments, using your Mac. The software comes bundled with video lessons from pro-musicians. To spice things up even more, Apple is reaching out to popular artists and offering premium lessons for around $4.95 a video. This is the kind of progress that the music industry needs. Who knows what this could lead to…..
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