Twitterberry beta 0.9 version:

twitterberry .9 Review:

Twitterberry beta .9 version;

Ok So I’ve had the new Twitterberry for a few hours now And I have to Say……I do like it….I’ve heard the complaints of the background is kindaoldschool and not right…and there are a couple of  people telling me its hurting their blackberry(I cant lie, it was hurting me too, but right now its clean!) to those people,  You could try to delete the .9 and re install, or maybe for now you should go back to .8 until its not beta. But for those of us pushing forward on .9 version, here’s whats cool about it……

1 Bigger Print-I like this….I’m Blind from theses damn puter screens

2 Retweet option-OK who doesn’t like to save time…and with all this retweeting anyway this is sweet

3 My Favorites….Make a base of the people you tweet the most….Clean!

3 Sent Direct Message-Not Clean…This would be clean if it told you                                      whom you DM’d…Duh!

4Get Friend List-I’m with knowing whom is in my tweet circle on my Blackberry and not have to go to the desktop

5 User Info-To be honest iphone apps for twitter have had this option for a while but lets just be happy twitterberry is finally all over it!! Find out who your twitting and whose twitting you.

Ok that’s the basic newfortwitterberry new beta .9 Version…..Follow us on atWza)or hit us at


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