I hate AT&T

Its funny because I totally believe in you get what you payed for, and I know Verizon is #1 in cell service, you mos def pay at verizon, I’ve had them before, so I know how they get down, No Thanks, and AT&T is #2, and for the # 2 spot there price is much better…..well at least it was because they weren’t trying to reach back in my pocket for extras, but over the last 4 to 6 months I feel like they’ve been Violating me, like “do I need to go to the hospital to do a rape kit?” So I just want to say I Hate AT&T, at least until they can prove a better way why they want so much of my money, and stop asking for $ for the month that hasn’t happened yet, Sucka’s!!!!!!!

Straight Stuntin Magazine
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