Don’t call it a comeback…..really Don’t

I’ll be the 1st to admit, I was a myspace junkie….in 2004, around the same time when they took the bad taste out of social media sites that a blackplanet or migente left on the Web palate, myspace was the ish, you could upload your own pics as long as you shrunk them properly, have “friends” you never met, post music for all to hear then post a bulletin so all your “friends” could check out whatever you have going on in your space….it was great, facebook was around but they were purely for students, so it wasn’t as popular, and myspace was it, and then they sold for 500 million, The scams and pure fuckery started……the fake artist profiles, the fake profiles to make new artist look popular in order to get signed, excessive emails from the “friends” you don’t really know explaining how “they know I get a lot of emails but they’ve got the fire”(they were right, I did, and still do get a lot of those, and None are fire, in my opinion)
And due to all of that and the fact that facebook opened up to non students(they saw an opportunity)people started flocking to facebook for there daily social networking, and myspace started to fall to a weekly then monthly, then good ole once and a while check in, they tried to fight back with the copying whatever they could from facebook, like the status, until twitter came along and killed both of them on that(and with twitters mutant growing style, twitter may takeover the web like a skynet situation in the next couple of years) so now myspace is way down steadily slipping it grip in the “Big 3” as it Was #1 its now #2, quickly moving to #3, once out of the top 3 it will be with any other social media site that fell to the side or never got started, blackplanet, migente, hi5, streetspace
I’m sure there are more but are they worth research….Hell No….either way myspace is desperately trying not to go into that cold fold, and there latest attempt at a comeback to the top is adding something that could possibly change the game……an open Email…that’s right you can now get an @myspace email(TatWza@myspace), no more only contacting each other only through myspace, now your Gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, msn, .mac, or whatever type of email you deal with on the regular, can email someone on myspace, and someone on myspace can email those accounts from myspace
Now you ask “what are the advantages, and disadvantages of having a myspace email?”
Good question, IF you are one of those who use myspace to stress your music(uuhhg, blah) then you just expanded your annoyance level 10 fold(just don’t email me fam please, I have a showcase for new music)or IF your actually popular and your myspace is something people may want to see, you expand your promo base, which is good!
Personally, I’m not sure this will help myspace reclaim anything, especially if this email situation bogs down myspace like when they were at there peak with 100 million+ users, and it took 5mins every time you wanted to go to the next page, but we’ll see, if it doesn’t do that, it mos def could give them a nice little surge, just don’t count a lil surge as a victory, like Bush/Cheney did….Wait, Rupert Murdock owns myspace, who also owns fox news and he’s Bush’s Cuz…..who knows what kinda hype they’ll spew out of this?!? I’m not falling for the banana in the tailpipe(circa beverly hills cop) and get a better mobile app, Duhhh

Let me know if you agree or disagree

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