Def Jam RapStar

Def Jam Rap Star

Well for those of you who weren’t satisfied with the shortcomings of the last wave of musical titles for the 360, Hip-Hop is here to save you.The good folks at Def Jam Interactive and 4mm Games are proud to bring you ‘Def Jam Rap Star’.  Why should you be excited for this? Because, this game is gonna be a must buy for YOU. Hot 97 was in the building during e3 this year. We got our paws on a exclusive preview of  Def Jam Rapstar. Even though it was in early stages, the game was a blast. The voice matching was so much more on point than other titles out, the selection library was crazy, and the presentation just made the experience that much more exciting. Half Way through me doing Jeezy’s song, it turned into full fledged party.

Now I know you saw the trailer and thought the game was gonna be corny, but the selling point is not the commercial, its not going to be in any previews or screenshots, its what this game does to you when you grab the mic and start the show. If you’re a shower/bathroom/in the mirror rapper, this is for you. A get-together won’t be complete without this game.
The final song library isn’t available yet, but hit is up and let us know what you would like to perform, maybe we can put in a good word. Stay tuned, we’re definitely on top of this one.


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