The Air of WiFi

Ok so I was chilling at work on a Sunday, it was 859p and the DJ’s were Changing, Kay Slay was about to go on and Camilo just got off, Camilo sets up his laptop and puts this little square next to him, now I’m up on my Tech, but I figured in my pursuit for the truth about Tech, and the newest Tech, I must have overlooked the New Air cards that the wireless companies are using now! I’m use to the usb plug in card, but those are prone to getting Broken, just ask Dj Bobby Trends, he broke his by walking with the laptop in his hands and usb aircard sticking out, it hit the doorway, and that was it, but this New Air card that connects WiFi, you don’t have that problem, just don’t forget to take it with you when you leave!

Spec: check with your Wireless service provider, they help you with the set up, all I know is it does not physically connect to the computer, Ever, 1 small usb port for Charging, Pretty Clean, you now have mobile web and 1 more usb port for use
new sprint air card


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