New Zune in Hand

Ok I’m not sure if your excited about the 3rd Gen Zune that is out now, but it is mos def worth checking out, as you know the 1st gen dropped, a bit like a brick, because it was bulky, and MicroSoft’s excuse…Sorry, Reason… was it had more features than its competitor, no need to mention the top selling mp3 player here, like the Radio, well not only have they finally given you a slim device, they now have HD(Hi-Def) Radio, and the ability, with the help of an extra device, to pick up TV in HD, mostly touch screen with fluidity, and very vivid colors on the screen…Clean Zune, but may I make a suggestion, put a HD Video Cam(at least 720p), with good mic for decent audio, and you’ll actually have a leg up on you know how….unless THEY’re already working on it?!? I have video on the zune coming soon! But here’s a Still
img00214 20090920 2230


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