Go Google Go!!

Ok Google has done it again!! 1st it was the Search Engine, We Love it!!! Well Bing doesn’t think so, but to bad the rest of the world doesn’t feel Bing is ready to deal with Google(sorry microsoft, I still got love for you) Then they slipped us Gmail on the low, and that put a hurtin on aol and yahoo with all the free space!! Then Google dropped Gtalk, its very own Instant Messaging service attached directly to your gmail, and if your into IM then this gives you access to everyone in your gmail address book, and if your like me that a lot of people! Recently they gave us Google Voice, now a lot of people are not up on Google Voice as yet, but I am swearing by it!!! With “GV” you get a phone # that some would consider loose because its usually not based in where you are from, for instance mine is from north carolina and I’m from NYC(Home of Hip Hop) but I have to say with all cell phones having free long distance within its country, and most land lines as well, that shouldn’t bother you, also “GV” has low cost international calling!! With the “GV” # you can assign it to whichever phone you want, you get a visual voice mail when a voice mail is left, you can listen in as the voice mail is being left, I’m telling you this thing is gonna change the way you give out your #!!! You can make calls from a computer, which connects through your land line or cell or you can make the call directly from a smart cell phone provided it supports the App(Blackberry def supports it, iphone is still looking at it, and I’m not sure about win mobile phones ie palm). With “GV” Free unlimited texting(on your smart phone too, as long as you have an unlimited data plan) when you get a chance ask for an invite at Google.com/Voice
Now Google is dropping something else that is gonna change the way we communicate! Google Wave, Wave is a group communication tool that let’s people send stuff, no matter text, audio, video etc in real time. Google is still building it, and I’m still playing with it, but In my opinion, google Wave can be used as a classroom, a boardroom meeting, conferencing projects, mos def its a time and energy saver!!! I’m interested in those who have Google wave what they think and possibly let’s work on something together?!?

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