Real Thoughts: Ipad

Ok I put a post up about the ipad, in which I said I need to get my hands on it 1st which is totally true, but with apple products, you can pretty much believe what people are saying about it, and I’ve heard a spat of negative thought about the infamous ipad. 1st let’s stay positive for a sec, it IS an ereader, I mean that is what it was designed for, and As an ereader its blowing others away! It also can get most of the iphone apps, & having wifi with a browser makes that exciting to think about on 10″ screen, leading me to think of this as more then an ereader, more like an Apple tablet, Problem is its an apple product, and All apple products are held to a different standard, the highest quality. And with that being said Apple has told us that this thing is a bundle of everything, you can do this with it, you can do that with it, and it does but not to true apple form!! You can’t multi-task with it, it only does 1 application at a time, & it has no usb port, so you are so stuck on the limited side!!! Don’t let me get started on the price point, which is not bad starting at $500 but the HD space is smaller and wifi no 3G coverage, but then again I find the fact that you would have to get service with AT&T for the 3G coverage as 1 of the negatives! I now have AT&T with 3G coverage on my Blackberry, and even though I had an iphone for 2 years and that was the best phone I ever had, AT&T are cheaters and I have to stay on them with stick for my bill not to get “out of hand”, On top of it you have to pay more for the ipad with 3G only to have yet another monthly bill, so I couldn’t in all fairness recommend them with a clean heart
I’m gonna now lift the shade and try and put a little light in. I have a prediction, that if happens there will be a Sunny day again and the ipad may be 1 of the greatest tools in digital tool history!!! They will redesign the ipad so it will be able to go online look at email and listen to music at the same time and there Will be at least 1 usb port if not 2 and the ability to install programs without Having to download them OTA(over-the-Air) and from the app store. AND most importantly the Price will have to stay the same or lower price
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