The Real Deal

Ok so recently I posted our 1st Report of 2010 and of coarse I gave a brief over view of said items without telling you how I really feel about said items, So here you go:
-motorola Droid; ok yes I like the speed and friendly userness, but I can NOT go back to having a Big ass bulky device in my pocket or on my Hip, are you fuking kidding me?? If I wanted a mini word processor in my pocket I’d walk around with a mini word processor in my pocket
No once they slim it down and offer an unlocked version(cause I don’t see me on verizon)
-Nexus one; ok so we’ve been waiting for a while on this, it is supposed to make the giants quake in their boots! An open platform phone that is unlocked, able to go to any network attached to a low all in 1 price. Unfortunately this is a capitalist society and that low all in 1 price isn’t coming until these companies wrench every penny they can out of our pocket, while we are upside down over there big $ bag, just raping US!!! Thanks guys
-LG Blu-Ray Player; ok I kinda tore these guys down But let me say I feel like its justified! Everybody else is saying they have blu-ray players coming out w/ 3D, or the eventually Of 3D, and since this is a hot button issue, those G’s took a major L
-ipad; man this is a disappointment, personally when I heard about it I got excited, I’m like aww man Apples got a tablet type computer
At an affordable price, but its not a tablet type computer, its an ereader type computer! And that is a let down! On top of it only does 1 thing at a time and has no usb port or cd drive, so this thing is a Fail, but like I said before, most likely they will re debut this product in may or sept of this year and it will be pretty much everything we want, probably not the cd drive, but at least the usb, and multiple apps at 1 time, and if they really want to turn me on, add a firewire port
-Panasonic 3D TV; ok I mos def did like this product, the only thing is the price is to be determined, which means its somewhere between, 5 and 7 Thousand, maybe 3K if your lucky, but in 2 yrs they’ll be everywhere so then they’ll be closer to $700 to $1500, and the real best part with these special TV’s coming on the market the regular flat screen lcd’s/led’s/&plasma’s will be ridiculously cheap like $200-$850 so we will all have flat screens at some point, so let’s get ready to rumble!!!
Ok that’s it for now, and we will be back at you soon enough, remember check us out in Straight Stuntin Magazine, and keep an eye on for those exclusive’s and keep watching as we grow!!!!!!!

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