Palm Pre Plus

The New palm for Verizon, the Pre Plus, which looks and feels like the Pre, just a few enhancements that fit verizon, although I’m not a Verizon Fan but there is 1 thing cool in this version….there is an App on the phone that turns the immediate area a wifi hotspot for up to 5 devices! This is pretty cool, cause I know how annoying it is to try and find a loose hotspot in a loose place, with work due asap/pronto, and we at have used the iphone to connect a macbook, with nice speed of navigation, but hold up on the uploads, Bogs you way down with only 3G, and watching video’s isn’t great, but if you need to look something up online, your clean, so for that reason, if you have verizon and you were looking at the Pre, Holla at the kid, let me know how that’s working for you!?!

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