COD Update

Ok so I’m def a COD Head, I have every Call of Duty that came on the 360, I don’t have “the big red one” but 2 til now I’m clean with COD, and I just saw a rumor that I’m chosing to believe so I shall announce that COD: Vietnam is gearing up, probably dropping sept/nov and I believe could rival Modern Warfare, yes I know all those cool ass up to date weapons, but for a true COD fan you don’t even need those, they are krutches any way, its all about the game play, and Nam has that M16, AK47, and the M60 which in the right hands is So Deadly, just ask Rambo from Rambo II (that 1 armed shooting in the air scene was crazy!) Listen should this be more then a Rumor, I’m So All over This!!!!!

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