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Ok new twitter update
I got like 4 days left on my free TweetGenius but I do like the app, the quickfire of just hitting M and your ready to Tweet ur heart out at 140 characters per tweet, press return(the elbow arrow pointing left ), and you see a little puff cloud and your Tweet is online baby, sett it up how you want as far as how many Tweets on your timeline to read at one time, and how often to refresh, I’m on every 5 min, !ut you can go to every minute! I believe its only $4.99, so I’m sure you got five buck, go ahead and cop that fam Social Scope
If you are lucky enough to get an invite for social scope then you see that its the closest to tweetdeck on a mobile out there, Love this app!
The way you can keep tabbed searches, so easily get to trending topics, change your profile pic on the move, it wonderful….I def will be referring you to this should it go on sale

Ok Ubs is still one of the best especially at its price point(free) its let’s you do a little of what both the other 2 do but def not all
I really use ubertwitter to moniter accounts I helped to create (do all my tweeting through TG & SS)

Now for the new bb twitter app
Its cool, its free, it has knocked me over compared to the other 2 I mentioned (TweetGenius & social scope) the best I like about thos app is it def notifies you before(faster) any of the others(as long as your a bb user) but if your not into UT and don’t wanna by, or like the 2 app combo like myself, then this app could help you out


2 Responses to “Tweet News”

  1. as a twitter diva i must say ubertwitter is great but theres also twixtreme…the mascot character for twixtreme looks like a fat twitter bird or a blue hamster .it hops aound while refreshing pages and the theme is a bubble bar and updates pretty quickly.. i like it ..

    follow me @jackiedamodel or @jackiespeaks247 tweet hearts ❤

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