iPhone 4

Sorry I thought I Posted this like 4 days ago….Damn Summer Jam

Ok…..this is the one we have been waiting for, and a long time at that!!! Alright I’m not gonna waste anytime, the Big feature that is going to drive thousands of new user’s and Hundreds of return user’s(like myself)
+Facetime: THE feature that has changed the face of the iphone(and probably all other phones trying to compete in the future), literally and figuratively, now with a Camera on the Front and Back of the iphone, a user can have a video chat with Another new iphone user(but I’m sure you’ll be able to use ichat with this soon enough, they just need an ichat for iphone app) that’s in your address book, either start Facetime from start of the call or switch to it once on a call already, as long as your near wifi, cause I haven’t heard anything about this working on 3G/4G, but I’ll take that!
You can easily switch between the front camera(on you) to the 1 in the back(on everything else) with the press of 1 button, while on the call! Also the camera is a 5mp w/ led flash, & HD video cam with great 720p clarity, the HD video can now be edited with a mobile imovie app that will only be $4.99, as a filmmaker I have to say CLEAN, although I’m not an imovie Fan, But I’ll take that!
This phone is a definite upgrade, helicopter glass for scratch and crack resistance, its now the thinnest phone out, it now has the highest resolution out with the Retina display , the battery is now up to 40% longer, Mutitasking- instead of running 1 app at a time, you can run multiple apps at 1 time(like the ipad), all in a sleeker, seemingly smaller design….CLEAN!!!

Ok quick disclaimer, guys and ladies, be careful!!!!! You know everyone does it….say your 1 place and your another……you answer that phone and its your other looking for you, Literally…..Fam, you will be F*#$ed up in the game!!!!!
This phone is for Single Or Married(the type of married that has nothing to worry about) only!!!! Not people that have an other but welcome risk, its not worth the Drama!

Hit me on twitter @TatWza let’s talk about it Fams


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