At&t is torching us now

Ok so At&t is dropping the new Blackberry. On aug 3rd At&t and Rim announced, the Torch, which comes with the newest OS 6 webkit that Supposedly provides a new browsing experience.
Much Like the Blackberry Storm, the Torch is a touchscreen, has a slide out keyboard and looks like a combination of the Tour and the Bold (9700). Now we have all thought these touchscreen phones like the iphone or the storm would be great IF they had a keyboard(excluding the 1st Droid cause it was a Bulk), But The This new slider may change the experience of everyday functions for the heavy /emailer/twitter/mobile facebooker, IF that is the reason you are a Blackberry loyalist, then you may think twice, even though Rim has toyed with a few keyboard options, there hasn’t been much change to better their UI and outdated OS , hopefully OS 6 can bring Rim up to speed to compete with Iphone 4 and the newer Android Phones.
Like the Bold, the Torch houses a 624mhz CPU processor that ultimately doesn’t seem like enough power to run an updated OS. The Torch also rocks a 480×360 LCD which by today’s standard is pretty bad. The Torch is compared to the iphone 4 which has a 960×640 LCD, that means out the box the Torch is behind in screen quality, Not Clean!!! In all if you’re a Blackberry user and want the latest from Rim check out the Torch
BUT don’t go around iphone 4 or android users showing off cause they will hurt you Fam

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