Its that time of the year again, its almost time for preseason football and EA sports is dropping their flagship game Madden NFL 11. This years madden focuses on game play and game speed. Reducing 60 mins games to 30 mins. An addition to the madden franchise is game flow play calling which allows the plays in the AI (Artificial intelligence). Using the Game flow eliminates the game time making 60 games feeling like 30. As always EA Sports improves the graphics on madden 11 giving it a glossier look. The players look pretty realistic, along with fans in the crowd. This years madden has new commentators with Gus Johnson and Cris collinsworth, it gives the game a new feel something different from the prior Maddens. One of the vast improves in Madden 11 is the passing game, the receivers try to stay inbounds unlike the other maddens were receivers would sail out of bounds if a pass is a bit over thrown, which is a big improvement. EA sports claims the blocking in the game has improved but the running games a bit difficult still, but this can also vary from team to team in the game. The overall game play on offense and defense is similar to madden 10, so player shouldn’t be worried about learning anything new. Usually EA sports adds a new element to the madden series, but not this year. Hopefully this years madden can deliver a better game play feel and add any missing elements that madden 10 were missing for a better experience.


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