Droid 2

Ok so Verizon is set to drop the new Droid 2. The device itself has a 1ghz processor, running on Android 2.2 os, comes with 8 gigs of on board memory, 5 megapixel cam(which is lame) and a slot for extra memory with mircoSD storage(which is clean to go between computer and phone).
It has the familiar look of the Droid 1, but has done some fine touching on to the hardware to give it a update look & finish(slightly cleaner). They have done away with the D pad and installed directional keys. Where are they taking us, they went ass backwards on that, why the hell would someone want to use directional arrows over a Dpad, or Trackball, or Track pad, answer me that batman! The Droid 2 now offers the 3G mobile hotspot where 5 devices can be supported by Wi-fi(catching up with Sprint). If your the owner of the Droid 1 all the accessories are compatible with the Droid 2, (As they should be) such as chargers, batteries or any docks. If you are a heavy internet user on your phone the Droid 2 now supports flash(which IS Super clean, but may not be worth it to you). If your looking for a new Android phone on VZW that has a physical keyboard The Droid 2 maybe for you but the Droid X and Droid Incredible are overall better phone, and set at the same price point as The Droid. So you will be getting your moneys worth.


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