Catch me every sunday 2p-4p on DTFRadio.com W/ my Co-Host @KarenCivil (KarenCivil.com) where we talk about the Entertainment/Video’s/Technology/& Politics that effect You
Please hit me on the chat room, or call us up! (I’ll give u the # when I’m on the Air)
There’s a lot of internet radio stations that are popping up all over the place, but only like 4 established and DTFRadio.com is 1 of the Big ones!!!!
I do want to S/O my ppl’s over at A-List radio, S/O LBoogs, Dj Enuff, Kast 1 and I have 1 friend at PNC, S/O Summer, and I met 1 lovely young lady over at Urban Latino, S/O Jackie Da Model but aside from those ppl, the rest at those stations I don’t really know and as far as I’m concerned don’t exist, Radio, internet or Terrestrial(regular radio) is pretty much a me Vs. you situation and all I can say is I’m ready, are they, or You?!?!

My segments include:
+weekly guest Dj
+Entertatment report w/ karen civil
+lets Talk Video’s
+Talking Tech W/ Tat
+Tats PoliTics

S/O to my team helping me out:
My Beautiful Co-Host;
Karen Civil

Resident Dj;
Dj Santana

Producer/Graphic Artist;

Film/Video Producer;



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