2011 WiFi Audi A8-Clean

Today with all the new gadgets having wi-fi and hotspot, Audi will be introducing their A8 2011 which will have wifi installed into the car.  The wifi connection will be connected to the rooftop. The network itself is suppose to be able to handle and support speeds up to 7.2 bit/sec of data information.  The network will also support WAP2 encryption of security.   To atctivate the hotspot or wi-fi within the car, the car will have to install a simcard within the vehicle’s online carphone. This can be used with any phone service the driver may have.  Audi is going to be the first car company to offer this service, so look in the future for other cars company’s to offer or have similiar technoology installed.

Posted By @yungjohnnybravo


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