Another 3D Flat screen- Check the previous Straight Stuntin Mag for the rest

If you are on the market for a new television and looking to purchase a boobtube in 3D, SONY’s Kdl-nx810 should be on your wish list. Introduced sporting a 46 inch screen and a price point of $3000, the TV includes Wi-Fi, Yahoo Widgets and a Light sensor (which adjusts lighting on tv with light within the room). The display has Full HD 1080p resolution with 3D, DynamicEdge LED backlighting and local dimming and uses Motionflow Pro 240HZ Technology for Smooth Motion. In September there will be a 55 inch and 60 Inch available to the public. The only con is that Sony does not supply the 3D glasses, so you will have to shell out another $150 for the spectacles. Go figure!

Posted by @yungjohnnybravo


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