Fahgedaboudit….Mafia II

On August 24th, 2k Games released Mafia II. Mafia II is set in the 1940’s and based around the character Vito Scaletta. Vito is an Italian native who has just returned home from the second World War. When he gets home Vito finds out that his mother and sister are in debt to a loan shark. The game has the same feel of any of the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) games. As Vito you are able to steal cars, eliminate any of your foes and enemies and change outfits as you please. Like some of the earlier GTA games, Mafia II takes place in the fictional Empire Bay, a replica of New York City. What differentiates Mafia II from other games in its genre is that it is a mission based game. No side missions, no helping strangers along the way, or playing any mini games. The game play is a bit robotic and can lead to boredom after extensive game play. There is no side action going on besides your character roaming around the city, which gives it the same feel throughout the game. The missions are also pretty stale, the action is repetitive, you find your target hiding behind objects and return fire on your enemies. The shooting system within the game is not great, there is no locking system were you can lock onto your targets which can be frustrating while playing, especially if your targets are constantly on the move. One positive critique is that the visuals of Mafia II are decent and the cut scenes gives it a movie like feel. The game also has some pretty interesting missions such as taking on a job as a window washer to get close to your target without being detected by guards. Mafia II may not be a life changer but it still will entertain you to some degree

Posted by @yungjohnnybravo


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