ipad watch out, here comes another Kindle

Amazon has decided to release its third version of their Kindle series. The third installment has a newer finish and color change. This version of the kindle has a graphite finish, has a slimmed down form and trimmed the weight around the product making it lighter than the previous Kindle. With All the E-readers on the market the Kindle is the still the leader in the pack.  Amazon has kept the same design for the kindle, but has eliminated its top row of keys, since the reader has a smaller design. Amazon has also decided to move its power button from on top of the device to the bottom, maybe for convince since the device is smaller.   With other adjustments Amazon has made for this device is  the  page refresher is faster, the contrast ratio is better, which gives it a crisper look when reading. The webkit has a new look, the web browser they choose to use was its new “experimental web browser” The new web browser is suppose to give Kindle users a easier time to find information. The “experimental web browser” is going to be free and can be used with over a 3g network or wifi. This newer version of the kindle is now equipped with 4gb of storage. With 4gbs of space a Kindle owner can store around 3,500 ebooks on the device.  If your looking for a Ereader Amazons Kindle sets the benchmark and everyone is still playing catch up. With 2 versions available, the wifi version going for $139 and the 3g version going for 189, you will be getting your moneys worth. Posted by @yungjohnnybravo


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