The new ipods….Clean!!!

September is here and Apple is having their annual Back to School Apple event. This year they unveiled the new 2010 models of the Ipod Shuffle, Nano , and the 4th generation of the Touch. Apple announced that all the 2010 Ipod devices come with FM radio. By adding FM radio to their devices, Apple is stepping in the right since most mp3 players for the last 5 years included am/fm radio. All their new devices will be touch based so the Nano will have a new learning curve. Later in the year Apple is planning to add a social networking feature to Itunes that will work with their 2010 products. The networking feature will be called “Ping”. Ping will allow Ipod users to see what their friends are listening to on their Ipod. Ping will work just like any other social network. People will be able to follow their friends similar to Facebook and Twitter.

Although new, the 2010 Shuffle is still very simple. The low end device has the same design with minor tweeks that make it a tad bit upgraded. Apple kept the favorable voiceover feature but the button is now located on the device instead of the wires of the headphones. The battery life is also upgraded from 10 to 15 hours. Future Shuffle owners should be excited about that. That’s about the only change that Apple made to the Shuffle.

The Ipod Nano has been completely redesigned. Apple removed the video camera, and the click wheel, and added a mini touch screen. They added a clip (similar to the Shuffle) for the user that likes to attach their device to their person. They have also added the swiping menu (taken from the Touch). The Nano is built in a way in which no matter how its facing you, you can rotate the screen with 2 fingers. It comes in 7 colors and will be available in 8gbs and 16gb. The 8gb will be going for $149 while the 16gb will be going for 179. The Nano will be available to the public next week.

Lastly, the 2010 version of the Ipod Touch sports a slimmer and sleeker look. The 4th generation of the touch comes with the Iphones’s Retina screen display. In other words the Touch will come with the Iphone’s picture display. It also comes with Apple A4 chip, 3-axis Gyro, the IOS 4.1 and comes with 2 facing cameras. The front camera will be used for video calls to other Touch and Iphone owners. The back camera is going to be used for recording (in HD). The videos recorded on the touch can be edited and can be uploaded. The Touch will be available next week in 8gb, 32gb, and 64gb just like the prior Touch devices. The price points set for the devices will be $229, $299 and $399. The prices Apple set is a bit expensive but well worth your money with the new OS and other options it comes with????


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