Should we call Windows 7 Phone a Miracle phone for PC People?!

-Titles-replaces iconz,They put big blocks of words to scroll through, but they are interactive, meaning they change according to whats going on in that app. Microsoft feels this looks better, you’ll have decide for yourself!

-Hub strategy-putting everything together(this could work), like all your business stuff

or your music, or games, etc etc.

-Lots of apps-quality, and try before you buy, that’s cool, but doubt its as cool as apples!

-Games-how about full on XBOX action on your phone? I cant front, I would get one if this is true, you can play a game at home on xbox, or anywhere else with this phone, The graphics look up to it and the game levels, credits and achievements will be recorded against your Live profile. This cross performance works on a number of levels. Not only will you be able to continue playing your XBOX games on the phone (we don’t know right now if you can play all of them) but also that it remembers you across platforms so you can pick up where you left off when at home in front of your XBOX. In a sense, this is what Sony has been trying to achieve with the PSP/PS3 hook up, but with all the other mobile bits added.

-Marketplace-I feel like this is gonna suck if its like Zune
-Email-great for exchange hurting BB, but will do gmail too
-Mesh-puts your digital life all together, which is big on windows 7
-1.5ghz snapdragon processor

Release date-this Oct…… I question with all of these things it has to offer, how is the battery life in this slim phone???? Over all if this phone works the way they say, then This Might actually hurt the iphone and Destroy Android phones, and Blackberry lovers, may convert if they are not all biz, and who is, so We’ll see!!!!!!!!!!!


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