HTC Desires yet Another Android Phone

On September 15th, 2010 HTC announced the Desire HD at their press conference in London. The HTC Desire will integrate a new HTC Sense UI Interface. The device will have a familiar look, resembling the HTC EVO 4G. The specs on the Desire will be slightly improved, having a updated UI and will include the new HTC Sense web service. Even though the phone is an Android Based phone the Sense UI will improve the features and experience with the constant updates, widgets, and the overall look of the phone itself. The newest feature HTC brings to the table is the DLNA for streaming info, content and multimedia over a network (hopefully secured). And finally to compete in the smart phone market they have installed an editing function within the video recording settings. Customers will now be able to edit 720p on their phone.There is no set date for a release here in the U.S., but the phone will available international sometime in mid-October.


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