New 3D Pocket Camera to give best Pics out

Introduced to the world at Photokina 2010
While analogue and digital spy and novelty micro-cams might not be everyone’s thimble of espresso, what will pique most’s interest is the Minox PX3D concept camera on display at Photokina 2010. As well as being the tiniest 3D stills camera so far, it’s also the first we’ve seen not with two lenses but four.

Developed by Daimler for in-car sensors, the auto-manufacturer discovered that not only did more cameras mean better 3D imaging but also that arranging them virtically meant for a more accurate representation as well.

Minox has put this into practice with an array of 4 x 5-megapixel 9mm lenses with the company looking to bring the PX3D to market in the summer of 2011. When asked what the biggest challenges had been, unsurprisingly, Minox told Pocket-lint it was how to cram all the sensors inside the case.

No release date yet


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