Flip Cam gets a much needed accessory!!!!!

Freedom. Justice. Microphones. We’re pretty sure you can find all of those in the constitution, or inside the pure essence of eagle tears, or in bruce springsteen’s “born to run” played backwards. Scosche understands, and that’s why they’re unveiling the freedommic add-on for flip video cameras. It’s one of those new FlipPort-compatible accessories that we’re sure we’ll be seeing plenty of now that cisco’s new wave of camerasare out for public consumption. The mic itself offers a pretty neat solution to the perennial problem of sucky flip audio: you plug the receiver base into the bottom of the flip and hand the wireless lapel(like a lav) mic to your subject. Conveniently, you can start and stop recording with the microphone itself, and a 4 hour rechargeable battery should get you through the most trying of interviews or impassioned youtube monologues. The mic will be out in “late december” for $100. you get really start to feel professional at a low end….pretty Clean!!!!



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