Concept Car….I wish they were here already!!!

Yes, not even an auto show can escape a bit of tablet news these days. This one comes courtesy of Peugeot, which is showing off its new HR1 concept vehicle at the Paris Motor Show, and which, as you can see above, comes complete with what appears to be an Archos tablet of some sort. Details on it are otherwise a bit light, but the tablet does apparently dock with the car and connect to the in-dash system, which itself boasts a heads-up display and a movement recognition system that’ll let you scroll though options (and attract passers-by) with a wave of your hand. As for the vehicle itself, it’s a hybrid that promises 81 miles per gallon, and boasts a whole host of other impressive features, not the least of which are some electric scissor doors that will let you get into tight parking spots. Unfortunately, Peugeot also says it doesn’t currently have any plans to actually bring the vehicle to market. Hit up the links below for a closer look.

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