ipad has a Clean way to Go!!!

Colorware’s been making the products you buy look better (or worse, if you’d like) for years on end, but up until now, it has never actually created a product from scratch. Enter the Grip for iPad, a simplistic new iPad holster that’s less of a case and more of a handle. It’s a metal frame that you bolt around the edges of your tablet, and as you can tell, it adds a major grabbing point to the side. But here’s the rub: it’s $300. Yeah, three Benjamins. We get that it’s manufactured in Minnesota using that high-priced American labor, but seriously? The major problem is just how awkward that $300 price tag looks beside the $499 MSRP of the device it’s supposed to hold; imagine buying a $13,000 set of tires for your $17,000 vehicle. It just doesn’t sit well in the cranium. And then there’s the problem of using it.


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