Clean pair of “Cans”

Hands up if you actually know what ruthenium is. Don’t worry if you don’t, it’s just used as an external plating on these extremely luxurious open-back cans. More familiar expensive materials can be found within, with titanium-plated 40mm drivers, silver-plated copper wires with 99.99 percent purity and kevlar-coated cables, and of course, for that extra special touch, Ethiopian sheepskin earcup pads. That’s skin, not wool, so bear it in mind if you care for the welfare of little fluffy ones. Either way, the Ultrasone Edition 10s do seem like they’ve packed just enough luxury and exclusivity to justify their $2,745 price — only thing we need now is a matching mahogany furniture set, preferably with some endangered species’ heads adorning our walls.


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