Entertaining Clock Radio…Your mornings will never be the same!!!

So what about “Endless entertainment from a clock radio?” you say, cynically sipping on your tea. “Yes, that’s what I said!” desperately cries the Altaz press release embedded below, pledging that its new 3.5-inch touchscreen’d Internet Clock Radio will keep you smiling until the end of time. The device will naturally tell you when exactly that is and wake you up before you get there, also showing the weather, streaming internet radio, and sucking down photos from Picasa. You know, pretty much all the stuff a Chumby One can do. But, can it walk? Unlikely, though the built-in battery, SD card reader, and 802.11g wireless do conspire to make it reasonably independent. All yours for a $99 MSRP, though a little Googling will save you 15 bucks or so.



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