Netflix not stressing DVD’s anymore???

it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Netflix’s 2 billionth disc sent, but in announcing the company’s Q4 financial results, CEO Reed Hastings called his baby “primarily a streaming company that also offers DVD-by-mail.” Other notes include an indication that a streaming only plan for US customers, mirroring its offering in Canada, currently in limited testing could become widely available later in the fourth quarter of this year, with a potential that “pure streaming” could become the core package for Netflix going forward while DVDs might require a premium service charge like Blu-ray does now. So what comes next? If all goes according to plan, expansion beyond North America in late 2011, continuing to add more streaming content and improving the UI on other devices.



One Response to “Netflix not stressing DVD’s anymore???”

  1. I think the answer to your question is “no”. things change, no big deal. good picture

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