Color Touchscreen Nook betrayed by screen protector!

Barnes & Noble’s done a pretty decent job of keeping a supposed Nook Color hidden from our prying eyes, but an errant accessory may have jumped the gun — the “Nook Color Screen Film Kit,” to be precise, whose product image is pictured immediately above. CNET discovered the protective film hanging out on Barnes & Noble’s website, and quickly grabbed this picture before it could be removed. Even if we’re legitimately looking at the new Nook, of course, this doesn’t tell us much about the seemingly button-less product underneath. How’s this: We’ll go out on a limb and tell you it’s got a color touchscreen.



2 Responses to “Color Touchscreen Nook betrayed by screen protector!”

  1. hey tat! thats pretty cool.. i have to try that out but im not a touch screen kinda girl im still getting used to my new phone the galaxy .. keep up the good blogs =)

  2. I got a xoskin on my nook. It looks great and angry birds on my nook is freakin addicting

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