Color Nook!!!!

Looking for an alternate ereader that is not a Kindle or Ipad, your in luck Barns and Noble recently introduced its newest edreader the NOOKcolor.  The Nookcolor is the successor of the Nook. This Generation Nook will sport a color screen and is touchscreen capable.  The OS on the NOOKcolor will run on Android 2.1, and will support apps from the Android market which is a plus. Packaged with the NOOKcolor is 8GB of built-in memory which can be expanded up to 32gb of memory with a microsd card. It will come supporting a micro-usb port and 3.5mm and will be wi-fi enabled.  The NOOKcolor will support  a number of file formats such as MP4, EPUB, PDF and TXT files and some MS office file formats. The ColorNook will be available on Nov 19th at a retail price of $249.



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