PingChat! 2.0 Free App for Text, Picture, & Video Messenger….Another Cool App for iPhone, Blackberry and Android!!!

Now I Just Downloaded this App for my BB and haven’t really used it, but right away I was Able to add a Profile Pic and a description of me once I get some Contacts they’ll know its me, And Once you have contacts you can get their profile pic and description by inviting them and they accept! From what I researched it seems pretty fast and is a little like BBM with the D(delivered) and R(received), notifications, can send Text, Pics, audio, and Allegedly has the ability for video but you have to record a vid then send it through the messenger, which is still pretty cool, but not like Facetime or Qik/Android realtime Video Apps. Oh and I see you can do group chatting on here which I also Like! It feels like to get contacts the people you know have to have an account and you need to know there username or phone #(cause when you sign up you pick a username or put in your phone#). Now once in and you set up all your stuff, you can go to settings to check you ID or phone # you entered or unregister you ID or Verify your Phone# or turn your Push Notifications on/off and go into your sound profile to set a ringtone right from the app!  Oh In case I forgot it works for iPhone, Blackberry and Android!!! I’ll keep updated for the drawbacks!!! And Note to Pingchat! If you get overloaded like we did KiK, I need Credit for that!!!! but for now get to downloading!!!!


Info for iPhone Download

Info Blackberry Download

Info for Android Download


One Response to “PingChat! 2.0 Free App for Text, Picture, & Video Messenger….Another Cool App for iPhone, Blackberry and Android!!!”

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