Gears of War Looking Game “Binary Domain”…It’s Tough Though!!!!
Sega announced their new team up based shooter, Binary Domain. At first glance the game has a Gears of War feel with their over the top characters and enemies that was shown in the teaser. The video starts withs with 3 characters fighting a handful of droid looking robots. From the video it looks like players may have a chance to pick from 3 characters. After watching the watching the characters take on a city filled with droid robots while the batttle takes place, a weird turn takes place (watch the video). From what is know of Binary Domain it is the creation of Toshihiro Nagoshi, who also developed the Yakuza series. The game takes place around the time of 2080. The story line to Binary Domain is Tokyo is taken over by robots and its up to to your characters to save the city. Nothing new here but there should be some twists and turns as game play goes on. There is no date in which the game will be released


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