My Twitter Etiquette!!!

ok this has become enough of an annoyance that I’m doing this post!!! We here at #IFWT try to give you nothing but the best, but sometimes you get in the way of that, like when we post something and you come back with your promo run…No Bueno!!!! HIt the Jump to see WTH I’m talking about!!
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Ok yes twitter at time should be used to promote 1’s self, we all do it, but one thing that should not be done is responding to the post with stuff that has nothing to do with the post, example, I posted earlier about my trip to Best Buy, letting you know what was up with the Acer and Asus Tablets, And I get this back


Not only are we not going to look at things like that, we will look to NOT support your music, what does my Tech Post have to do with Music????

OR yesterday, Maino and I exchanged some very Positive words with each other on twitter, because we KNOW each other…

and we get this in turn…..

Now do you honestly this butting in someone’s Conversation is gonna really get you attention?? I so don’t want to see hear or know anything about those guys now!!!

Same thing when Dj Green Lantern(another actual friend of mine) asked me the other day about the Phone 5….

and of course we got a few ppl butting in but at least most of them actually answered that question, but then we get this…

and as you can see I replied back, cause sometimes I can’t take it, , so then this person say, he “Don’t even know who the F*ck dude is”, How dumb is it to push your music then say you don’t know who Green Lantern is???
So I told him…

And he responded with “Thanks for recognizing the grind” -_-

Then sometimes I just get a loose tweet like this…

Which isn’t as bad as a butt in, But I don’t know you don’t have the 1st time your tweeting me be your promotion!!! I’m not looking for talent, I’ll let you know who is at the end of this editorial!
1st let me just say I Hate Robot Shit, that’s tweet’s that either but in or hit loose to promote a product, but the twitter accounts are just hitting everybody with that nonsense, much like this one…

I don’t even wear Glasses anymore!!!

There are those that are very nice about promoting to you…

in which I was able to say, “ok if I have the time, and thanks for your understanding” but I really don’t have the time!!

IF you want to promote your self especially with music, don’t just find someone you think or know is in the music industry and hope if you hit them they will care, it doesn’t really work like that, take the time to find out who the right person or twitter account to hit, like if they would have looked at #IFWT/Contacts they would see we have someone interested in talking to you about getting your music heard….

OR if you even search my timeline you’ll see the only other time I listen to unsigned Music is at @MonseHot97’s #SundayNightShowcase…

And Monse let’s you know as well…

So there is NO need to hit Me or Funk Or anyone body else(other than @IFWTMusic) about your music or video’s, Now if your asking me to shoot a video, that’s a different story, but I need to know what your budget is!!!!


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