It’s NOT a Conspiracy That You Are Worth More To Your Company DEAD Than Alive!!!

If you watched Micheal Moore’s last movie from 2009 “Capitalism: A Love Story”, then you already know what this is, but I recently saw it on Netflix, and saw a web link in the credits, and since I write for an established blog, I felt like I should share this with you! So hit the Jump to learn more!

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If you’re not familiar, “Dead Peasant” Insurance is when you work for a company, and they put a life Insurance policy on you, and the company gets paid, and NOT your loved ones! Yes Corporations can get paid for your death, and don’t think that’s only for higher end employees, like a CEO, COO, CFO, or the alike, but companies like Walmart are putting this Insurance on employee’s that work in regular store’s, but they mostly don’t get paid off suicide. -_- COLI

I swear this is happening, so IF you’re lucky enough to have a Job, and work for a bigger Company, don’t just go in ‘guns-a-blazin’, or kill yourself in the name of revenge, but if you have enough $, hire a lawyer to find out from the company. Below is an excerpt from Mike’s Movie, and a News story on how they followed up on the Movie and it was real. I’m may try to investigate the ‘Company’ I work for part-time, -________-

I might try to holla at the lawyer Mr. Moore interviewed for the movie that started a Site: DeadPeasants.Biz




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