I’m back, kinda sorta, but yeah

Ok so it’s been a while, last night I almost posted so e long drawn out post about transitioning fro posts about tech to posts about how I move/feel about/with tech…that and a slightly personal digital diary…that’s it so that’s what TatsTechTalk.com is about moving forward, But damn last nights post was kinda eloquent!!

Anyway, Im here, mostly in social media, Def IFWT, and when something loose, and my private thought that I wish to share with those that really want to know(cause they’re here), then I’ll be here 0_0

I’m in Applebee’s, super lonely cause I’m so very focused on work, without being able to make a connection with someone to move on not just a relationship but being able to be ‘Rìcko Suave’ enough for at least a one nighter(which I want more but I’m saying), and def not a ‘relationship’.

I honestly think this has to be apart of ‘Gods Plan’….I’m not ugly, I’m pretty fucking good at what I do, and don’t have a small dick(so I’ve been told), so really not sure what why TF I’m single/lonely/personally depressed….although in all honesty, I am overweight, geeting In my beard, a super f***ing tech geek, and not the most personable person, cause if I don’t know you, I don’t really F*** with you!
And I’m sure women really want an over confident, muchaco son of a bitch(at least the ones I’m attracted to), but that’s not me, I’m the type to GO all IN if I find you attractive and believe You find me Attractive, I goes in! So I’m in a tricky situation of having to change the way I move, but being alone until then.

I’m sure some of you that follow my social medium that read all the way through are Prob like ‘WTF… I thought this dude was gonna tell me some Tech shit’…I will just not in this post 😳😝

Good night!!!

Technology Is Evolution


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