Hello to this clown b*tch?

Ok, even as a techie, I got hacked, but this is a simple blog that I use from time to time to offer my Tech thoughts, but some idiots(or men who prefer men type of men) are trying to post this nonsense below, I’ve deleted it before but I’m leaving it(most of it) to show I really don’t GAF.

Hello! how are you today?everything is good?
My name is Yana or yanya. I am single lady and want to find true love… So this is a reason why I write to you:) If my information correct you are single too and looking for true love. Thats right?

This Bitch is ugly, wouldn’t get any hits anyway!!!


One Response to “Hello to this clown b*tch?”

  1. R Mathis Says:

    Man I got that same fucking email in the same words from that braud. I took that pic, and put it in Google Images, uploaded it and your website came up, lets me know I’m not the only one she trying so spam, or scam… WTF… I don’t think that’s her real picture either!!!

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