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Clean pair of “Cans”

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Hands up if you actually know what ruthenium is. Don’t worry if you don’t, it’s just used as an external plating on these extremely luxurious open-back cans. More familiar expensive materials can be found within, with titanium-plated 40mm drivers, silver-plated copper wires with 99.99 percent purity and kevlar-coated cables, and of course, for that extra special touch, Ethiopian sheepskin earcup pads. That’s skin, not wool, so bear it in mind if you care for the welfare of little fluffy ones. Either way, the Ultrasone Edition 10s do seem like they’ve packed just enough luxury and exclusivity to justify their $2,745 price — only thing we need now is a matching mahogany furniture set, preferably with some endangered species’ heads adorning our walls.

Flip Cam gets a much needed accessory!!!!!

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Freedom. Justice. Microphones. We’re pretty sure you can find all of those in the constitution, or inside the pure essence of eagle tears, or in bruce springsteen’s “born to run” played backwards. Scosche understands, and that’s why they’re unveiling the freedommic add-on for flip video cameras. It’s one of those new FlipPort-compatible accessories that we’re sure we’ll be seeing plenty of now that cisco’s new wave of camerasare out for public consumption. The mic itself offers a pretty neat solution to the perennial problem of sucky flip audio: you plug the receiver base into the bottom of the flip and hand the wireless lapel(like a lav) mic to your subject. Conveniently, you can start and stop recording with the microphone itself, and a 4 hour rechargeable battery should get you through the most trying of interviews or impassioned youtube monologues. The mic will be out in “late december” for $100. you get really start to feel professional at a low end….pretty Clean!!!!


Back to School can be cool!!!!!

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Urbanears headphones
If you’re looking for new headphones, Urbanears offers a number of “over the head” style headphones in different colors. Each set of headphones come with a built-in microphone that is compatible with most of the latest mobile devices, including the Evo, Blackberry torch and the Iphone . The headphones come with a 47-inch cord and come with a Zound Plug. The Zound plug allows a second listener to join in. The headphones can be folded and place easily in bags without causing any damage to the headphones or books (mostly the headphones).

Price: $60

HP Photosmart A646 Compact Photo Printer
Sometimes waiting just to print a paper at a campus library or study hall can be an all day experience, but having your own printer can save you time and energy. The HP Photosmart A646 compact printer prints your info on demand, no matter the source, whether it be a computer, USB, or bluetooth capable smartphone. The printer has a Touchsmart Screen, which allows the user to customize their documents, choosing borders and even creating greeting cards.

Price: $150

Asus 1215N Netbook

Nothing is better than being able to access the internet anywhere and anytime you want, and if that’s your kind of thing then the Asus 1215 netbook is the product for you. This netbook has a little more horsepower under the hood when compared to other netbooks. The 1215N has a dual-core Atom D525 1.8ghz processor and 500gb of web storage. Its also comes with a built-in webcam, which can be covered with a lens. The netbook sports with a 12 inch HD LED screen, which goes between standard Intel graphics for regular computer use and video watching to save battery life and saves time looking for free outlets to charge up.

Price: $550

Livescribe Echo Smartpen
Had a late night out partying? Barely awake but need to take notes for class? Well the livescribe Echo Smartpen is here to save the day (or morning). The Livescribe Smart pen doesn’t take the notes for you but comes close. Shaped like a pen, it includes a voice recorder with storage of up to 8gb storage. The pen comes with a special notebook, which can be written on and later can be seen on your computer. It uploads the notes exactly as it is written in the notebook. The software also does the work for you by syncing the notes and audio for easier studying.
Price: 4gb $169
8gb $199

Roku Box
In college dorms there is no premium cable channels to watch, which means no True Blood on Sundays. The Roku Box solves that problem. The Roku box connects to a streaming network that gets free and subscription information from the internet and brings it directly to your television for your viewing pleasure. The best feature on the Roku Box is its ability to access Netflix, NBATV, Pandora, and Amazon’s video on demand.
Price: $70-$99

Desktop Computers
Laptops have become more favorable than desktop computers because of its mobility, but desktops still offer more. HP Touchsmart takes the desktop experience to the next level by having a full on touchscreen experience. The touchsmart 600-1050 includes a 2.13ghz intel core Duo Mobile @7450 processor. It also runs on the latest windows OS (Windows 7). It comes with a bluray player for the ability to add other devices like an Xbox, cable box and s-video.
The Imac has more than enough room for all your files with a hard drive that goes up to 2TB. Its an all in one monitor which means there is no tower to connect to the monitor, so you will have more room in your dorm to store extra necessities (preferably food). The Imac also has an Intel Core processor so speed will not be lacking on this desktop.
Price: Hp Touchsmart starting price $1,150
Apple Imac starting price $1,199.

OrigAudio Foldable speakers.
OrigAudio created the “Fold N Play” speakers. The speakers are made of recycled materials, so while your’e away in school you will be doing two good things, getting an education and saving the planet at the same time. The speakers don’t require batteries nor do they have to be plugged for use. You can take your music any where on campus.

Price: $16

Hp C325w USB flash drive.
Have access to all your files while your’e on the move with HP’s c325w flash Drive. Backup all of your assignments on this waterproof, shockproof rubberized flashdrive. This flashdrive holds up to 4gb store, so there is more than enough room for a whole years work in the palm of your hand.
Price: 15.99