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Microsoft is Driving for the Future!!!

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I know how patiently you’ve been waiting for this day, but it’s here. It’s really here. Microsoft Windows Embedded Automotive 7 is out, appearing in the download queues of “select car makers and suppliers in the automotive industry.” What does it offer? Why, Silverlight support for fancier UIs, real-time text-to-speech technology, and better expandability for third-party plugins. In bigger news, Microsoft is confirming that it is the brains behind the Nissan Leaf’s Information Hub, which not only handles infotainment duties but also gives charging status and power consumption figures. Finally, the MyFord system is going global, shipping to Blue Oval vehicles in Europe and Asia in 2011. That’s after 2.5 million Sync-equipped cars have hit the road. Highway domination? Nearly complete.

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Iphone get Tom Tom Gps App….Clean!!!!

Posted in Apple, GPS, Wireless on October 16, 2010 by tatstechtalk

TomTom was quick off the mark with multitasking in its iPhone app — and it’s hard to think of an app other than Pandora that benefits more from its inclusion — but TomTom isn’t stopping there. The new 1.5 version adds enhanced graphics to match the new iPhone 4 screen resolution, along with “faster, more-responsive navigation” on that handset. Not good enough for you? Try the new navigate-to-photo feature, a not-a-gimmick-at-all addition that allows you to select a geotagged photo as your destination instead of messing around with pesky addresses and facts. The update is free for existing users, newcomers will have to shell out $50 for the US version


Googles Self Driving Car…..And the Future Begins!!!!

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You’ll note that even the autonomous cars aren’t quite ready to be given the keys to… themselves… before being allowed to head out on the open road sans driver overlord behind the wheel. If anything, Google’s autonomous driving experiments can be thought of as a kind of cruise control—they aren’t quite at the I, Robot level of automation where one can simply tell a car a destination and be whisked into a high-speed, automatic-travel highway.
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Sci-Fi Reality in Japan

Posted in GPS, Hardware, Mobile, News on October 6, 2010 by tatstechtalk

Engaget has reported Japan’s NTT DoCoMo (in partnership with Olympus) to whip up a wearable augmented reality solution that’s nearly small enough (and reasonable-looking enough) for individuals with an ounce of self-respect to use, The system consists of an HTC HT-02A in a cradle attached to a strap that you wear around your neck cabled to a stalk that attaches to the side of a pair of eyeglasses; NTT DoCoMo provided clear-lens glasses for those of us that didn’t come with our own, but if you were already sporting some corrective gear, they were able to just slap the electronics to them and you were good to go — albeit with the occasional adjustment (the prototype just wasn’t built for thick rims). The end of the stalk has a miniature display that duplicates what’s seen on the HTC; we found it a little finicky to get positioned correctly so we could see the entire image, but it was surprisingly clear and legible once we figured it out. In the demo, turning your head to the left or right would cause an arrow to appear, directing you to walk forward; a mushroom-shaped dude walks in front of you and holds up a sign to let you know when you’ve arrived. As a final touch, looking up (at the sky, that is) changes the screen to show you the weather forecast — pretty clever.

The company says there aren’t any plans for commercialization right now; obviously, they’ll have to iterate through another generation or two before it’s small enough for people to wear without a hassle (and no one’s going to wear a WinMo 6.5 device around their neck like a scarlet ‘A’), but it’s something we’ll definitely be expecting everyone to wear while they’re walking around town within a couple hundred years

Dont Think you wont still get jacked, cause you will, thieves are very crafty!!!

Posted in General, GPS, Hardware on September 27, 2010 by tatstechtalk
It’s been a little over a month since we last saw the Social Bicycles (or SoBi) bike lock concept, a simple thing that could revolutionize bicycle loaning worldwide. Now, here’s the first working prototype, a GPS-enabled device that affixes to the rear wheel of a bike set to be offered up to others. Those others can call up a mobile app to locate available rides and retrieve the password necessary to unlock them. Once done pedaling they can just lock the thing up again and it’s immediately added to the queue of available human-powered chariots. This version is currently being tested and, while we’re still waiting for a formal release date, we’re also hoping the devices get a dose of miniaturization before then — they currently look more like briefcases than bike locks.