Macworld 2008 – Theres something in The Air


Thinnest notebook in the world, comes with 2GB of ram, wifi, and Bluetooth. There are 2 versions one with the 80gb starting at $1700, and then the new Solid State 64gb hard drive for #3000, . Its 13.3″ with a full back lit keyboard, and it will be out any day now.

So I’m a Mac “Head” & I love pretty much anything that comes out of the Apple Camp…GO MAC!! But i’m not sure about this just yet, it seems this notebook is in between the Macbook and the Macbook Pro, but is priced more than the 2 considering what your NOT getting, from my POV just being very thin is not the ultimate selling position, but what do I know, i’m just your average Technology consumer who spends or doesn’t spend his money.
I do know i’d like to see it perform in the field before I say Clean or not. I KNEW the iPhone was revolutionary as soon as I saw it, i’m not sure if i’m an “Air Head” as yet, so we will most def come back to this.

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