ShowTime – CES 2008


Okay so fresh off the world renowned Consumer Electronic Show, which is the public and “Tech Heads” like me get to see and excited about all the new Gizmos and Gadgets for the year and beyond to come. Right after the CES was Macworld (the Apple Equivalent to the CES), but lets save that for now, 1st things 1st….

 Well the biggest news at the CES that would affect most consumers was the litany of HDTV’s that are Coming, so much to choose from, Uuuuhhh lets start with Phillips New ECO TV (42PFL5603D).

 This is a Power Saving, lead-free TV, and adjusts its back lighting depending on the brightness in the room. So if its bright outside, the backlight dims to save power. That’s Clean, Who doesn’t need to save on their Electric bill, so we can buy More gadgets!

IF your All about BIG, “If you’re sick of that song of how he’s so Long” then Panasonic’s 150″ TV – The world’s largest Plasma TV. 8′ x 11′ boasts a resolution of (4000×2000), High Brightness Technology, which Doubles the brightness without doubling Power Consumption.

It’s Clean that it doesn’t double the power considering it’s so big, but What Wall are you gonna put it on?

 Mitsubishi has stepped their game up as they unveiled their laser HDTV.

Critics are saying, for now, it looks just like normal HDTV’s, We’ll see if that’s Clean or not. If it’s the same price, what’s the point, and if it’s more, oh hell no.

Of course the Super Thin TV’s were a huge hit!

Sony Released the first OLED display in the US,

The beauty with OLED technology is it doesn’t require major backlighting, so it can be extra thin. Sony’s 11″ OLED Display is available in Sony Style Stores right now, for $2,500, that’s $227 per inch. That price is for Balla’s Only, You tell me if that’s Clean or not?
While its probably not going on sale any time soon, Pioneer announced their “Project Kuro” line of TV’s.

These are starting at 50″, and only 9mm thick, they also claim to be able to display blacks, and colors like no other TV on the market. We’ll See….If So Clean.

TI Was at the CES with a new Display Game, that’s Texas Instruments not the Rapper on House Arrest, they’ve gone from calculators to TV Displays, now on some select Samsung tv’s, they have put their DLP technology.

This Technology allows 2 people to watch 2 totally different images on the same screen at the same time, with no split Screen, what’s the catch you ask, good question, what’s not Clean is they both have to where special Glasses, like your 10yrs old watching a 3D movie, zowie!

Yes there was a lot more then TV’s like Alienware’s Curved Monitor

It’s like having 2 24″ monitors side by side, built into one, but the display is actually curved so the beautiful picture surrounds the viewer, which is very Clean for those whom sit in front of a screen to make visual magic happen!

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